Get to know: Rebekah DeSimone, Michelangelo’s Pizzeria

RACHEL YOUNG PHOTO | Server Rebekah Desimone behind the counter at Michelangelo’s Pizzeria in Mattituck Feb. 4.
RACHEL YOUNG PHOTO | Server Rebekah DeSimone behind the counter at Michelangelo’s Pizzeria in Mattituck Feb. 4.

Southold native Rebekah DeSimone has worked the counter at Michelangelo’s Pizzeria in Mattituck for the past five years, cheerfully serving up slices to the North Fork’s hungry denizens.

We caught up with her Tuesday afternoon during a rare lull in business and asked her about the menu item she likes best, the most challenging part of her job and how the restaurant is preparing for the snowstorm expected to hit later tonight.

Q: What’s your favorite slice at Michelangelo’s?
A: The crispino. It’s a hot and cold slice — in the summertime mostly everyone eats it cold but you can also heat it up. It has sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, basil, parmesan, and a little garlic and oil. Underneath, it has a crust with a very thin layer of tomato sauce.

Q: What’s the best part about working here?
A: All the customers.

Q: And the most challenging?
A: It can get quite busy here — you have to make sure you don’t skip a beat. There’s no time for flat tires.

Q: What are some new menu items Michelangelo’s has that people should check out?
A: We have specials every week so I always recommend those. And we came out with a chicken marsala slice a few months ago that’s a really good seller.

Q: There’s yet another snowstorm set to hit the North Fork. How does the pizzeria prepare for bad weather?
A: We keep our ovens nice and hot. The snow actually brings a lot of people in, believe it or not. If it’s a snowy winter night you might want to sit at the bar and have a nice meal, then go home and get cozy.

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