Greenport school board to discuss pre-K bond proposal

Greenport School District Superintendent Michael Comanda is expected to give a presentation Wednesday night to discuss creating a full-day pre-K program at the elementary school, according to the school board meeting agenda.

During the school board’s Jan. 14 meeting, Mr. Comanda first floated his idea of putting a bond proposal on the May school budget ballot to pay for the program.

As for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to fund a universal pre-K program throughout New York’s public schools, Mr. Comanda said at the meeting: “If that happens, great. That’s a bonus. If it doesn’t happen, then we put it to our community.”

The school board is also expected to discuss Mr. Comanda’s recommendation on how to proceed with the new veterans tax exemption proposal.

“Veterans deserve our respect and gratitude and in an effort to honor that respect and gratitude, the superintendent recommends an exit survey be conducted on the day of the budget vote to determine community support for the new Alternative Veterans’ Exemption,” the resolution states.

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Greenport school board meeting agenda, Feb. 12, 2014

Greenport school budget workshop scheduled for April 3, 2013