Board considers Justice Court audit as DA investigates employee


As the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office investigates the theft of money from Southold Town Justice Court, the Town Board is looking to conduct its own financial audit of the department.

The board is set to vote today on a measure allowing the town to spend up to $36,000 on an independent audit of the Town’s Justice Court receipts and “related matters,” according to the meeting agenda (below).

The proposed measure comes five days after the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office confirmed the investigation of theft out of Town Hall. A law enforcement source said the subject of the ongoing probe is a Town Justice clerk who had been dealing with the court’s revenue streams for years.

The source said the missing funds amounted to “a substantial number.”

Southold Supervisor Scott Russell referred comment to the town attorney’s office last week and could not immediately be reached for comment about the resolution on for Monday afternoon.

The vote is scheduled during the board’s 4:30 p.m. meeting in Town Hall.

See below for the full agenda:

Town Board March 25, 2014