Cops: Southold pair hid marijuana, pills inside fake drink cans

A Southold man and his female passenger were arrested on drugs possession charges last week after police found scales and marijuana in the car, as well as anti-anxiety medication hidden inside the false bottom of an energy drink can.

An officer was on patrol near Route 48 in Mattituck about 9 p.m. last Sunday when he clocked a passing vehicle driving at 70 miles per hour, according to a police report.

The driver — 20-year-old Matthew Jerome — was pulled over and police learned that his license was suspended, police said. While interviewing Mr. Jerome, the officer smelled marijuana coming from the car, and asked to search the vehicle.

The cop searched the car and found the glove compartment locked. Police said 20-year-old Sarah Smith, also of Southold, who was the passenger and owned the vehicle, told police there was nothing inside and allowed them to search it, according to the report.

Ms. Smith unlocked the glove compartment and the officer fond a zip-lock bag with a “green leafy substance” inside, as well as scales and empty plastic baggies.

Police also found a Red Bull can and a coffee can with fake bottoms. Both containers had the same green substance inside; the Red Bull can also contained four white pills later identified as Alprazolam — known by its brand name as Xanax or Niravam.

Both Ms. Smith and Mr. Jerome were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana, both misdemeanors, a police officer at headquarters said.

Mr. Jerome was also charged with aggravated unlicensed driving and a traffic ticket for speeding. Both were released on $100 bail, according to the report.

Southold Town police