‘Eco-boutique’ closing after nearly two decades in downtown Greenport

Jet Dream's is closing up shop after 18-years on Main Street in Greenport. (Cyndi Murray photo)
Jet’s Dream in Greenport is closing after 18-years on Main Street. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

After 18 years in business, JET’s Dream boutique on Main Street in Greenport will close its doors at the end of the month.

High overhead costs and owner Joann Tamin’s chronic health problems played a role in making the tough decision to close the store, she said Tuesday. JET’s Dream, which Ms. Tamin described as an “eco-boutique” where “every day is Earth Day,” is slated to close Wednesday, April 30 — just one month after she decided to give up the business.

“It feels really sad,” she said. “You just know when it’s time to end.” Nearly two decades ago, when Ms. Tamin, who goes by “Jet,” opened the store, it was a dream come true for her, she said — hence its name. The shop sells a variety of organic products, including clothes, furniture and home goods. But in recent years, she said, there has been a decrease in the number of people shopping locally — something she attributes to the rising popularity of online shopping and the growth of Riverhead’s “big box” commercial businesses.

“We have greeting cards that are less expensive than Hallmark greeting cards, yet people will go to Riverhead and spend more money,” she said.

This winter’s bitterly cold and snowy weather also played a part in disappointing sales. “The weather that we had this winter was the nail in the coffin, Ms. Tamin said. “It just wasn’t busy in January, February and March. We have a lot of great customers that we love, love, love. But if all the people that are coming in now [who are] saying how sad they are to see the store closing would have come in during the winter, it might have changed the outcome. It’s upsetting.”

The local community has sympathized with Ms. Tamin’s situation.

“It really is sad,” said Helen Finno, longtime employee of Land Shark T-Shirt Company, located next door to JET’s Dream.

“It’s a shame when any local business closes,” said customer Sarah Olmstead of Orient.“They were open for a really long time. It’s too bad.”

JET’s Dream, located at 212 Main Street, is having a cash-only closing sale through April 30.

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