Community news from around Greenport

John Dinizio
Joan Dinizio

Can you believe it’s May? A third of 2014 is already in the history books. Where does the time go?

Greenport High School has been ranked in the top 7.8 percent of schools nationwide, according to U.S. News & World Report. We moved up over 600 spots from last year’s rankings. Congratulations to all — administrators, teachers, staff and especially the students — who’ve made this possible. 

Greenport is already abuzz with talk about the upcoming all-class GHS reunion, scheduled for July 19 at Herzog Park between the 5th and 6th street beaches. I predict this will have twice the turnout because everyone heard just how phenomenal the first one was.

Rose Heaney Baker is selling reunion signs — yellow with purple lettering — that can be used to remember a classmate, pay homage to a teacher who made a difference, promote your business or just let everyone know what year you graduated. The signs are $25 each ($30 with a logo). To order, send a check payable to GHS All Class Reunion, along with the wording you want or your business card with logo, to Rose at 230 The Green Way, East Marion, NY 11939. Be sure to include a return address and phone number in case she needs to contact you. Spread the word. Let’s fi ll the park. The deadline to order signs is May 24.

The Stirling Historical Society will hold a yard sale to benefit Berger House Archives this Saturday, May 3, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Berger House. If you have something to donate to the sale, call Christine Giuliano at 310-245-3131.

The East End Seaport Museum, at the foot of Third Street, will hold two volunteer information/sign-up meetings this week: Thursday, May 1, at 5 p.m. (with wine and cheese) and Saturday, May 3 at 10 a.m. (with coffee and danish). The museum’s mission of keeping our nautical history alive, as well as its educational programs, family functions and lighthouse tours, will be discussed. Volunteers are sought to help with all these exciting activities. For more information, call 477-2100.

Don’t forget the PTA’s Mother’s Day craft fair at the school this Sunday, May 4, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Greenport High School’s Junior-Senior prom was this past weekend and pictures I’ve seen indicate that everyone had a fantastic time. The highlight of the evening was the coronation of Queen Yanet Garcia, King Philip Staples and their court: senior prince and princess Eddie Rogers and Yanais Garcia and their junior counterparts, Eric Tonyes and Emma Marshall.

Special birthday wishes go out this week to Mike Quillin, who celebrates a biggie — his 40th — May 4.

Also celebrating in the near future are Christopher Slaght, John Blasko and Camden Wallace on May 1; Jewell Gonzalez, Abaigeal Pacholk and Karen Coyle Atwood on the 2nd; Greg Rhinow, Amy Milovich, Colin Van Tuyl, Karen McLaughlin, Eileen Lellman Getches and Kayleigh Macchirole on the 3rd; my niece Stephanie Dinizio, Dave Kapell, Deborah Bondarchuk and Brianna McElroy on the 4th; my father-in-law, Jim Dinizio, Mike Checklick, Gary Ostroski, Alexa Suess, Steve Burt and Sandy Martocchia on the 5th; Mike Claps, May Burns, Fred Davis, Kim Douglass and Brett Stephenson on the 6th; another niece, Maggie Dinizio, Mairi Creedon, Barbara VanBrunt and Greg Dlhopolsky on the 7th; Alice Eckardt, Tommy Quillin, Sarah Gillooly and Mae Watson on the 8th; Ryan Burgos, Josh Kapell, Ryan Weingart and Rick Bouchard on the 9th; Peggy Campbell on the 10th; Bill Schulz, Kristy Harris, my cousin Kathy Wallace and Amanda Mazzaferro on the 11th; Carl Chute and Sue Anderson on the 12th; Danielle Volinski, Mike Sepenoski, Hayley Baker, Jimmy Hulse, Debbie Allen and Darline “Mope” McGinness on the 13th; and Candice Man-waring, Chris Fisher and Sue Pfl uger on the 14th.

Anniversary wishes go out to Suzanne and Curtis Hamilton (No. 49) on May 1; Patty and Carlos DeJesus (No. 36) on the 14th; and Tammie and Rick Berry (No. 18), also on the 14th.