Southold blotter: Cop frees trapped cat from garage wall

A police officer helped free a trapped cat that had gotten its head stuck in an exterior wall of a Mattituck woman’s garage Sunday morning, police said.

The officer was called to the house on Bay Avenue because the cat had wedged itself into the hole and couldn’t get out. The cat’s head was sticking out of the garage, while its body was stuck inside. The cop helped move furniture out of the way and called the North Fork Animal Rescue League to assist.

They managed to break the wood surrounding the cat’s neck, freeing it. The cat immediately ran away.

• A Mattituck woman’s border collie managed to open the front door to its house, make its way across a street and kill a neighbor’s chicken before bringing it back home, according to a police report. The neighbor told police he saw the dog go into his back yard on Harbor View Road and kill his black Australorp chicken, the report states. He did not want to press charges against his neighbor, but just wanted the incident documented.

• Two men were arrested in Peconic and Greenport Village in separate incidents last Tuesday morning after they were caught driving with suspended licenses.

At 9:18 a.m., Douglas Latney, 61, of Greenport was charged with aggravated unlicensed driving, a misdemeanor, after he crashed his car near Sterlington Deli. Police took Mr. Latney back to headquarters and released him with a ticket for a future court date.

About an hour later, Gary Viglione, 53, of Peconic was stopped on Main Road in Peconic for having an expired inspection sticker, police said. His license had been suspended for an insurance lapse and he was arrested, according to a police report. He was charged with the same misdemeanor as Mr. Latney and also released.

• Someone stole an iPhone, a purse, cash and a driver’s license out of a woman’s unlocked car in a Cutchogue parking lot Saturday afternoon, according to a police report.

The woman said she had parked the car in the King Kullen parking lot and realized when she got back to the car that someone had taken the items, police said.

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