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Oysterponds News: Joyful news for a Mets fan

Tyler Badamo pitches for Mount Sinai High School in 2010. Badamo was drafted by the New York Mets this spring. (Credit: Ken Hild, file)
Tyler Badamo pitches for Mount Sinai High School in 2010. Badamo was drafted by the New York Mets this spring. (Credit: Ken Hild, file)

This week’s column has a lot to do with longevity. Ed Latham is tucked back in on the farm after a rehab stay at San Simeon and is thrilled to be getting a TLC visit from daughter Patti Latham Gray, who’s spending the week and cooking his favorite meals. It’s only right, since Ed celebrated his 92nd birthday June 6. We wish Ed continued improving health and many more happy years. 

Then there is the Matriarch of Village Lane, Sophie Staron, who hit the big 9-4 on Tuesday. She is the oldest member of the “decade club,” which includes anyone who changes their decade when the decade changes (i.e., born in a year ending in zero). So unless you know a 104-year-old, her title stands. Happy year, friend.

My birthday twin Ted Rackett turns 98 on June 25, just days after he and his bride, Hattie, celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary Monday, the 16th. You can drop him your good wishes at P.O. Box 67, 11957.

When you see Su Utz, just call her “Grandma, Grandma.” She increased her family by two with the June 2 arrival of 6.7-pound Mystic Vail Wolsky and brother 7.3-pound Maxen “Max” Park Wolsky. Congratulations to first-time parents Emile and Kari Utz Wolsky, who are thrilled to have celebrated their first Father’s Day this week.

I was asleep at the wheel again, mostly because I hadn’t had the occasion to summon a person to the window at the post office. What a great surprise it was to be greeted by the amazing warm and smiling face of Charlie, our new (to me) postmaster. Welcome to our village, the diamond on the tip of the wand and, based on my opening here, the place where old people go to visit their parents!

Most of you know my love of “my METS,” so it was a great thrill to hear that Doris and Paul Badamo’s grandson Tyler Badamo, recent graduate of Dowling University, was drafted by “my METS” last week and is tucked in at Tradition Field. I can’t wait to see him play when I’m at the stadium.

The always-special North Fork Fresh, hosted by OHS, is this Saturday, June 21. The $100 tickets can be purchased on the website or by calling 323-2480.

The annual Heritage Day will be Sunday, July 6, with a parade down Village Lane kicking off at noon. I’ll print all the details in my next column.

OHS is launching its summer raffle: a state-of-the-art barbecue grill filled with goodies — worth more than $1,000. Tickets are $25 or 10 for $200.

Orient Congregational Church is starting preparations for its annual fair on July 26. Dr. Joe Papa is chairperson once again and will be happy to pick up anything you might have to contribute. Call him at 323-2537.

Speaking of Joe Papa, he and his bride, Madeline, just returned from a four-week trip to Belgrade, Serbia, where they visited youngest daughter Andrea; her husband, Chris; and their five grandchildren, who are serving as missionaries in the Roma region. Unexpected floods curtailed many activities but they managed to visit parks, museums and take in the national ballet and opera. I sat with them at the breakfast for Methodist minister Beverly Furey Friday and they were still basking in the afterglow.

Close to 30 folks gathered for that breakfast at the Hellenic to wish the Rev. “Bev” the best in her retirement. After nine years in Greenport and eight in Orient, Sunday, June 29, will be her last day in the pulpit at Orient United Methodist Church, so stop in to say goodbye.

The window restoration at OCC is complete; check out their renewed beauty. This monumental task was spearheaded by Bob Hulsmann. OCC and the community would like to thank this devoted man, who stepped up to orchestrate the effort. Bob not only toiled over the research and details, he modestly leads other projects in both church and the community. Fellow congregants describe him as a person who always goes the extra mile.

This Saturday is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Then, “Debbie Downer” reminds us, days will start getting shorter, so seize the moment and enjoy the sunlight and the day!

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