Featured Letter: A thousand words

An osprey entangled in a yellow plastic bag near the Goose Creek bridge in Southold. (Credit: Jef Citera)

I did not learn of the meeting addressing the ban on plastic bags until after it already happened. That’s unfortunate, because for some time I have had these pictures (above) and have held on to them waiting for an opportunity to use them in support of this ban.

While walking the beach near the Goose Creek Bridge, my wife and I came upon this osprey entangled in a yellow plastic bag. We guessed that the bird may have mistaken it for prey, went for it and became trapped and drowned, as he was found floating near the shore. We buried it after taking the pictures.

If, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, then here is undeniable proof that these bags are a real environmental hazard. This is only one stark example.

Jef Citera, Southold