Featured Letter: It’s a shame Southold church wasn’t better supported

Southold United Methodist Church (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)
Southold United Methodist Church (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

To the editor:

The front page story “A tearful goodbye at church,” published June 19, brought me to a very aggravated position. 

My family for generations has attended that beautiful church in Southold, as have other old families from there. It is hard to imagine that the people that still are there and all the “yuppies” that had to buy and live there couldn’t help support this church.

My grandfather donated the beautiful bushes that used to be in front of the church until the minister that was there decided to tear them out and get rid of them. My first father rode a board on a crane up to the steeple to remove the cross so it could be refurbished. He then painted the steeple during the wait. He then went up again to reattach the cross when it was finished.

I just think that it is pretty sad for something like this to happen to something that’s been here in our town for so long. Shame to all of you and especially all the “new” people that had to come and live there so you could be one of the North Fork residents.

I will be home hopefully in the fall and look forward to visiting my church!

Jay Clark, Newhall, Calif.