Photos: Orient FD hosts 3rd Annual Pig Roast fundraiser

(Credit: Paul Squire)
(Credit: Paul Squire)

It wasn’t easy to make the tender pork served at this year’s Orient Fire Department’s pig roast fundraiser.

The department first bought 500 pounds of pork — enough to feed roughly 400 people — from Wayside Market in Southold. Then volunteers coated it all in a homemade dry rub, said volunteer firefighter and head roaster Louis Yoh. The pigs sat in the rub for two days before they were prepared at Saturday evening’s event.

The pigs were cut open and slow roasted in wooden boxes with charcoals laid on top, Mr. Yoh said. The pork would cook for up to five hours before being served.

The roasted pork — combined with fresh local corn and tomatoes — were all part of the unique event Mr. Yoh is proud of.

“What I really wanted to do was bring in something no other fire department was doing,” he said. “It brings a new flavor, a new culinary taste … I want to get people from all walks of life out just to come out and enjoy.”

The pig roast, now in its third year, was already on track as the best-selling one yet, said treasurer Rich Milligan. The department sold about 250 pre-sales before the event, nearly double what it pulled in last year. Mr. Milligan said the event was a team effort, and especially thanked the volunteers and the Ladies Auxilliary who helped.

“We couldn’t get it done without the Ladies Auxilliary,” he said.

Mr. Milligan said the event was designed for the community to support the fire department, but also lets the volunteers give locals and travelers from out of town a good home-cooked meal.

The event will be open until 8 p.m. Saturday. Click below for more photos from the pig roast:

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