Watch out for Smurfs crossing Route 48 in Cutchogue

A prankster erected a smurf crossing sign after blue paint split on the roadway. (Credit: Cyndi Murrayphoto)
This sign was recently posted near the intersection of Route 48 and Cox Lane in Cutchogue. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Deer crossing signs are a dime a dozen in Southold Town, but now a more unusual warning sign has popped up on Route 48 cautioning motorists about Smurfs walking across the roadway.

Poking fun at the blue paint splattered on the road at the intersection of Route 48 and Cox Lane in Cutchogue several weeks ago, the joker erected a warning sign for eastbound drivers that reads: “Caution Smurf X-ing Ahead.”

Southold Town Highway Superintendent Vincent Orlando said he contacted the Suffolk County Department of Public Works, which maintains the roadway, to clean up the paint and to remove the sign. DPW didn’t return a phone call seeking comment Monday.

The local prankster isn’t the only person having a little roadside fun at the expense of the beloved children’s cartoon.

In Jupiter, Fla., last month, a hacker rigged an electronic sign along U.S. 1 to read: “Smurf X-ing Ahead,” according to several news reports.

Promotional posters for a Smurfs movie that was released in 2011 also read: “Caution Smurf X-ing.”

Mr. Orlando said he believes the sign in Cutchogue was posted over the weekend, but isn’t sure who the culprit is.

“It was someone with a sense of humor, I guess, but it is a distraction and needs to be removed,” he said.

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