Woman’s parrot of 17 years flies off; reward offered

Joyce Culver and her Senegal parrot, LuLu.
Joyce Culver and her Senegal parrot, LuLu.

Her best friend has flown off and she needs your help.

Lulu, a Senegal parrot that Greenport summer resident Joyce Culver has owned for over 17 years, flew out of the Culver home on Saturday, July 26. Ms. Culver said she usually lets Lulu fly around the house and when a friend opened the door for just a second, the bird flew out.

She immediately went out to look for Lulu, but hasn’t seen her since.

“She’s very friendly and isn’t afraid of humans,” Ms. Culver said. “She could come to a person’s hand or sit on their shoulder. After five days I’m getting very worried.”

Ms. Culver described Lulu as a “bright, emerald green” with an “American cheese” colored breast and gray head. She is about the size of a blue jay and has a hooked beak. She has full-flight feathers, meaning her wings are not clipped, and has a band around her ankle with a registered six-digit number.

If Lulu is spotted, Mr. Culver said that the finder should try to take the bird indoors — as long as there aren’t any pets that could be harmful — and call Ms. Culver right away.

She said Lulu enjoys veggies like carrots and peppers, so anyone who finds her is welcome to feed her.

“Lulu has been with me for 17 years and is my best friend,” Ms. Culver added. “I am thinking about her welfare and am beside myself on this. I simply want her to be safe.”

If you see Lulu please call Ms. Culver at 212-316-1825 or email her at [email protected].

She is offering a $500 reward for LuLu’s return.