Featured Letter: We need to work together for change

To the editor:

I applaud Southold Supervisor Scott Russell in developing a community-based group that will help in communicating and working with local groups and elected officials to help combat helicopter noise. Air traffic is on the rise as the affluent “Hamptonites” need to get to and from their rented homes and estates as quickly as possible. Sadly, it’s being done at our expense. No quiet evenings relaxing outside in our backyards. No relaxing days at our lovely beaches. No peaceful walks in our preserved parks.

It’s sad that we are making such an effort to “preserve what’s left” while we are being polluted with aircraft noise. If you are affected by helicopter, private jet and seaplane noise that is en route to East Hampton, please call the East Hampton Airport noise complaint number at 800-376-4817.

If you are affected by helicopters and private jet noise en route to Gabreski Airport, please call 852-8095. I urge all residents to try to attend the public forum that is currently scheduled for Monday, Aug. 11, at 6 p.m. at the Southold Town Recreation center on Peconic Lane.

We can make change happen but only if we work together.

Teresa McCaskie, Mattituck