Fireboat museum hopes to serve alcohol during Maritime Festival

Fire Fighter docked in Greenport Village. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file)
Fire Fighter docked in Greenport Village. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file)

The fireboat Fire Fighter museum is hoping to become the latest vendor at the annual East End Seaport Museum Maritime Festival in September.

The floating museum wants to hold a fundraiser as part of the three-day festival — serving beer and wine to help fund upkeep and maintenance, village clerk Sylvia Pirillo said Monday during the Greenport Village Board meeting.

The museum may need approval from the village first. The Seaport Museum is responsible for approving vendors, but unlike other vendors, the museum is moored on the Railroad Dock, which the village recently acquired control of from the county. Prior to Monday’s meeting, museum president Charlie Ritchie requested the village board grant permission for the fundraiser.

The Seaport Museum guidelines require proper insurance and permits. The board raised concerns about the village’s liability of having alcohol served aboard the vessel.

The board agreed to review the application with the village attorney and the Seaport Museum. A possible vote on the resolution to allow Fire Fighter to serve alcohol during the festival could happen at the next meeting, Aug. 25.

However, some members questioned if a vote was necessary.

“If the fireboat is a part of the Maritime Festival and going through their rules and regulations they really don’t need [board approval],” said Trustee George Hubbard. “I don’t want us to start giving permission to allow certain people to do certain things and taking that authority away from the Seaport Museum because they are the ones that run the whole thing.”

Trustee Julia Robins also raised concerns about people drinking aboard the boat.

“Boarding a vessel is different than walking in the street,” she said. “They could fall in the water.”

The village is currently trying to determine insurance requirements and whether a vote is needed for the application to move forward, Mr. Hubbard said Tuesday.

The 25th annual festival is Sept. 19-21.

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