Missing parrot gets spotted in East Marion neighborhood

Joyce Culver and her Senegal parrot, LuLu.
Joyce Culver and her Senegal parrot, LuLu.

Lulu, the beloved parrot of Joyce Culver of Greenport who went missing last Saturday, was spotted this past weekend in East Marion.

Ms. Culver said that Lulu was seen perched on a clothesline in the backyard of a resident of Pebble Beach Farms, a private community in East Marion. It was on Friday around 6 p.m.

Though she went to the location immediately, Ms. Culver couldn’t find the parrot. She also said she got a phone call from residents on Rocky Point Road in East Marion, a little further east of the first location, who said they heard a parrot calling from the woods.

Ms. Culver looked there for Lulu as well, but to no avail.

“I think the only way to get her is if she is tired and hungry and simply wants to come to you,” Ms. Culver said. “Birds can be very difficult and simply stay put when you continue to coax them.”

Lulu is a Senegal parrot, a type of parrot that is smaller than most at about nine inches in length.

Ms. Culver is asking people in the area to put out birdseed if they want to attract Lulu, her pet of 17 years.

She described Lulu as a “bright, emerald green” with an “American cheese” colored breast and gray head. She has full-flight feathers, meaning her wings are not clipped, and has a band around her ankle with a registered six-digit number.

If you see Lulu please call Ms. Culver at 212-316-1825 or email her at [email protected].

She is offering a $500 reward for her return.