This Week in North Fork History: Planes, yachts and country apparel

This was not Frank Sinatra's yacht, but wherever it showed up people thought it was. (Credit: Judy Ahrens, file)
This was not Frank Sinatra’s yacht, but wherever it showed up people thought it was. (Credit: Judy Ahrens, file)

The following stories were published in issues of The Suffolk Times between 30 and 105 years ago this week. 

30 years ago this week

Frank Sinatra comes to Greenport?

Rumors spread that Ol’ Blue Eyes was in Greenport on Aug. 11, 1984 when a 92-foot yacht with the name “My Way Again” docked at Claudio’s.

One source at the restaurant said it definitely was Mr. Sinatra. But dockmaster Gus Lellman said it was not him. He said Mr. Sinatra’s yacht is called “My Way” and is 14 feet longer.

Since our Aug. 16, 1984 article left the issue open ended, we did a little digging this week and found Mr. Lellman was right: It was not Mr. Sinatra’s boat. In fact, the week the boat arrived in Greenport People magazine did a story debunking the myths that Mr. Sinatra was showing up in eastern seaports.

It turns out the yacht belonged to real estate developer James D’Agastino, who was growing frustrated with people announcing that Frank Sinatra was in town everywhere he showed up.

“This yacht doesn’t belong to Ol’ Blue Eyes,” he told People. “It belongs to me, Ol’ Gray Hair!”

45 years ago this week

• Plane makes crash landing on Plum Island

A small plane made flipped over making a crash landing on Plum Island after a pilot and his two passengers began experiencing engine trouble on an Aug. 7, 1969 flight from Bridgeport, Conn. headed for Block Island.

“Amazingly, no one was injured,” we wrote in that week’s issue of The Suffolk Times.

Plum Island emergency personnel responded to the scene with foam spraying to minimize the chance of fire.

70 years ago this week

• Country, city folks dressing about the same

A note in the Aug. 11, 1944 issue of The Suffolk Times covered the important topic of attire in “hick towns.” It argued that there is really no such thing as a hick town in New York State anymore, as country stores now carry attire similar to what is sold in the city.

“The country girls are as charming as those in the city,” the note reads.

80 years ago this week

• Yacht crashes into store

A 53-foot auxiliary schooner yacht crashed into Preston’s at the foot of Main Street in Greenport on Aug. 12, 1934.

The boat was attempting to dock at the store during a storm when it crashed into the side of the store, smashing a window and carrying away a portion of the window frame. The yacht, which was carrying three passengers, was not damaged in the crash.

It was the first time in the store’s history, which dates back to the late 19th century, that a boat had crashed into it, we reported in the Aug. 17, 1934 issue of The Suffolk Times.

105 years ago this week 

• Another drunken spell for Orient man

An Orient man was sentenced to 40 days in jail after his wife pressed charges against him for disorderly conduct, we reported in the Aug. 14, 1909 issue of The Suffolk Times.

We identified him in that week’s paper as John X. and reported: “like many others is subject to periodic spells when it seems he must indulge copiously in liquor and at such times he becomes entirely unfit for the company of any person.”

Of his sentencing to jail time, we wrote: “it is hoped reflection will accomplish good results.”

Edit: An earlier version of this column stated John X. was sentenced to 40 years in jail. It was 40 days.