Featured Letter: Think twice on Heritage project in Cutchogue

To the editor:

The Heritage condo project covered in last week’s Suffolk Times calls for 130 units across from the Cutchogue post office. It is a very bad idea. Although introduced in 2005 and followed by a lawsuit, the project is back. Right in the center of town, and already a traffic nightmare during the summer season, 130 residential units will turn what is already a serious mess into a disaster. A lot has changed in our community and our water quality over the past five years. This new information needs to be inserted into the discussion. Just because zoning, five years ago or today, allows a type of development, it is not a reason to approve a totally illogical development both in size and placement.

Another extremely important item is the septic systems needed for this development. With water pollution, both ground water and surface water on the rise, this added pollution load must not happen. The county health department has approved, but not yet installed, anti-nitrate systems for large numbers of closely-built homes. For this to be approved, the large inclusive sanitary system should be of the most modern design and should also include any nearby homes to effect an improvement in the overall pollution situation. There is obviously added cost here, but water purity improvement demands it.

Pay attention to the upcoming Planning Board hearings. We have to attend the hearings and make an uproar. From a practical viewpoint, this project is simply wrong for Cutchogue. To allow approval of what we know is very wrong is simply stupid. Please come to the hearing and join in making the case.

Howard Meinke, Laurel