‘Scooter Jam’ at the Riverhead Skate Park: PHOTOS

Darius Brew, 15, of Mattituck at Riverhead Town's skatepark on Sunday. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo photos)
Darius Brew, 15, of Mattituck at the Riverhead Skate Park on Sunday. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo photos)

If you visit the Riverhead Skate Park, chances are you’ll see more scootering than skateboarding.

Skate park employees said they first noticed an uptick with people using scooters about two years ago. Most teenagers scootering there Sunday said they enjoy getting together at the skate park to improve their skills.

Darius Brew, 15, of Mattituck has been scootering for about seven years. Although he learned how to use a skateboard and a scooter, Darius said he eventually decided to stick with a scooter.

“I used to skateboard, but I’m just better at scootering,” he said.

Professional scooter Gus Rymer, 17, of Southold said he enjoys scootering at skate parks in Riverhead and Greenport and believes scootering has become popular because scooters have improved over the years.

“There’s a good vibe with scootering,” he said. “It’s evolving and on the rise.”

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