Greenport to revisit zoning that allows for 2-family housing

As complaints pile up in Village Hall from residents concerned with the proposed construction of more two-family homes in Greenport, the Village Board has called for a full review of its zoning.

On Monday, members passed a resolution directing the code committee to review the village’s R-2 zoning that allows for two-family homes to be built. Around 15 years ago, a change to Greenport’s zoning map made most village properties fall into the R-2 zone, Mayor David Nyce said.

In the wake of recent complaints, however, Mr. Nyce believes it’s time to readdress the village’s zoning code.

“We need to look into it,” he said.

For years, residents have complained that contractors are purchasing land on residential streets to build large two-family homes they later rent out. Since the landlords typically don’t live on the properties and sometimes provide little oversight, neighbors say, this leads to overpopulation, littering and increased vehicle traffic.

Fifth Avenue resident Bob Kehl, a longtime protestor of R-2 zoning, believes the board should place a moratorium on the construction of any new two-family homes until the code committee reviews the zoning.

“Most of the people in the R2 family homes and Section 8 housing don’t join the fire department or rescue squads or contribute in any way to the advancement and improvement of this village,” he said Monday. “We need to place a moratorium.”

The code committee will take up its review of the R-2 zoning next month.

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