A look back at Southold in 1898


As the first snowfall of 2015 fell across the North Fork this morning, the Suffolk County Historical Society dug up this photo of a snowstorm in Southold from 1898. 

The photo of the Prince and Hommel Brick Store is dated Jan. 14, 1898, the historical society said. It pictures Fred G. Prince and his father, merchant Henry W. Prince at the far right. The James B. Fanning house is at the left.

The sign above “Oysters” reads “Fruits & Confectionary, Fresh Roasted Peanuts, Cigar, and Tobacco, Nuts of all Kinds.”

More history from the historical society:

In 1862, Henry Wells Prince (1839-1925) was among the first to volunteer for duty in the 127th Regiment of New York Volunteers Company H, which included all men from Southold Town. After the war and until 1870, he traveled throughout the state for the drug firm S.R. Van Duser. Then, in 1874, Henry and his friend G. Frank Hommel built this double brick store with the boundary running right through the middle of its double brick wall. Henry owned the east side next to his “Old Wells House” home and sold a variety of general merchandise in the store. He eventually bought the other half of the building. Henry was active in the Methodist Church, was Town Clerk in 1882, and was President of Southold Savings Bank. About 1915, he turned the business over to his son Frederick and devoted his time to the Finance Committee at the bank. Today the Prince Building is home to the Southold Historical Society.