Featured Letter: A tale of two fatal crashes

To the editor:

On Dec. 6, a popular, well-known businessman killed a Latino man with his truck. He was charged with DWI and posted $250 bail. On Jan. 13, a teacher killed a popular, well-known businessman with her car. She was charged with DWI and posted $10,000 bail

Most people (fortunately) don’t realize that you don’t get your bail money back when you dutifully show up for court. You get it back only after all of the judgements against you are fully satisfied. That may be years. I’m sure the businessman had more resources to tap than the teacher.

But she was not a personal friend of the court, as was reported in The Suffolk Times. These are tragedies for all involved. It shouldn’t be a tragedy in the uneven hand of justice. Both of these individuals have long-standing ties to the community, one no less likely to show up for court than the other.

Something stinks in Southold.

Ched Baker, Orient