Featured Letter: Bless you angels for your help after crash

My wife and I want to express our deepest gratitude to the men and women of the Southold and Cutchogue rescue squads and fire departments who took care of us after we stopped for a school bus on Route 48 last week.

After being hit, we waited as vehicle traffic continued to pass by. Unable to contact the police, we were so relieved when a rescue person finally was knocking on our window. He was the first of many “angels” who looked after us, treating us with professionalism, great care and compassion as they evaluated our needs, removed us from our vehicle, then transported us to ELIH.

Later, we learned of yet another angel who was there that day: the school bus driver who watched the events unfold. She contacted her dispatcher and had them call 911. I don’t know how long we would have just sat there without that call!

Of course, there were many other angels there as well, the police, those directing traffic and those caring for the people in the car that hit us. I recognized many faces but mostly remember the face of angels! Thank you also to the chief of police for seeing in our misfortune an opportunity to remind others to be aware of school buses and the requirement to stop for them, even when they’re on the other side of a median. Just maybe someone else will be spared.

Bless all you angels!

The Rev. Garret Johnson, Southold