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Greenport News: Have-a-Heart dinner set for Feb. 6

This one is especially for you old-time Greenporters out there. The Stirling Historical Society was archiving some documents recently and came upon the names of four properties: Four Score Acres, Dismal Swamp, Mud Lane and Sow Neck. I’m hearing that Mud Lane is the property located between San Simeon on the north to the drive-in property to the south and that Dismal Swamp is the parcel located behind the homes on the north side of Wilmarth. Four Score Acres is supposedly located somewhere within the confines of the incorporated Village. Can anyone shed some light on one or more of these locations?

Peconic Landing’s annual Have-a-Heart dinner, the proceeds of which benefit CAST, will be held this year on Friday, Feb. 6. There will be two seatings, one at 5 p.m. and the other at 7. The fare will consist of lasagna/vegetarian, garlic bread, coffee and dessert. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. Seating is limited and reservations are a must. Call CAST at 477-1717.

Greenport Drama Club’s Jan. 30 murder-mystery dinner has been postponed due to conflicts. Stay tuned to this column for the new date (most likely in the spring).

Congratulations to Kristina and Mike Checklick, who were married in San Diego on Jan. 11. Mike is the son of Maria Claudio and Mike Checklick Sr. I wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness together.

For years, Jim and Jeff traveled at least once a year to North Carolina to take in a Duke game. As a surprise to them, I got them tickets to the Garden this past Sunday and they got to see history in the making. Duke’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski, became the first coach in Division 1 history to win 1,000 games when Duke defeated St. John’s. Life is good!

Thirty-four years ago today, God blessed us with a baby girl who has grown to become my best friend. A very happy birthday is wished to our daughter, Jenn. I love you to the moon and beyond.

Also celebrating in the next couple of weeks are my cousin Jennifer Loper, Jeff Standish, Emily Whitecavage and Liz Lieblein on the 29th; Amber Hulse, Courtney Hulse and Jim’s aunt Debby Barrett on the 30th; my wonderful sister-in-law, Teresa O’Connell, Larry Rhodes and David Krumenacker on the 31st; Jason Pacholk, Naomi Biggs, Bob Moore, Stephanie Edwards and Kathleen Tergesen on Feb. 1; my aunt Maria Heaney as well as Danny Hansen, Doug Hubbard and Janie Tuthill on the 2nd; Ricky Saetta, Jude Petroski and Barbara Shalvey on the 4th; Tremayne Hansen on the 5th; Erika Cabral on the 6th; Savannah Dimon, Jordan Bogden, Samantha Reed, Jackie Tuthill Sarkis, Doug Peterson, Barbara Taylor, Maureen Cavanaugh and Jason Van Brunt on the 7th; Mike O’Brien Jr. on the 8th; Jim Sage, Cindy Sepenoski, Bruce Blasko, Eileen Kapell and Joey Meraz on the 9th; Jalisa Dixon, who will turn 12, as well as Christy Grattan and Jasmine Luke on the 10th; and Eric Wilson and Jeffrey Watson Hunt on the 11th.

The happiest of anniversaries is wished to Carole and Joe Aloi as they celebrate 50 years of married life on Jan. 30 and to Stacey and Chris Butterfield, who will celebrate 22 years of wedded bliss on Feb. 6.

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