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Southold News: Blood bank, Steak Night on tap for F.D.

As I write this, the weather forecast is saying upward of two feet of snow. Those of you who follow my column know I am giddy with excitement over the prospect. Many people I know are prepping for it and making plans. So that makes me say, “Yeah, we are going to get MAYBE 3 inches then.” By the time you read this, I am either wrong and jumping for joy, or sulking because I was right. I take it as it comes, like everything else, but I sure would love to have a good old-fashioned snowstorm. I hope you are all safe. 

Birthday celebrations are always first. I missed a really nice person last time with birthday wishes — my apologies. Jenn Becker celebrated her birthday on Jan. 21. Will Tondo’s birthday is Jan. 29; Cole Becker turns 3 on Jan. 30; Dan Manfredi blows out candles on Feb. 5; Marilyn McCarthy and Trista Panetta celebrate on Feb. 8; and Emily Baumann’s day is Feb. 9.

Wedding anniversaries are next. Judy and John Zaveski celebrate on Feb. 9 and Lois and Dan Manfredi celebrate on Feb. 12.

It is no secret that the Southold School District has a talented and successful music program. The last two weekends, students participated in the Hampton Music Educators Association’s music festival. Congratulations to the following students in the middle school for band: Kathryn Kilcommons, Jacquelyn Constantine, Emiliann Palermo, Annamaria Napolitano, Angelina Ramirez, Dante Tramontana, Emily Russell, Olivia Daddona, Ryan Fulda and Eric Connolly. Orchestra: Kate Jones, Ella Neese, Rhian Tramontana, Jessica Mele, Sabrina Basel and Michael Daddona. Chorus: Bryanna Bay, Amanda Dickerson, Cole Hilary, Julia Jaklevic, Van Karsten, Olivia Lynch, Simon Mraz, Stephen Palermo, Juliet Rand, Kaia Rothman and Reese Thompson.

Congratulations to the senior high school participants. Band: Mario Contreras, Jake McCarthy and Emily Pressler. Chorus: Sam Basel, Gage Bennett, Ashley Hilary, Kathryn Jernick, Joseph Manfredi, Michaela Manno and Daniella Menjivar. Orchestra: Nicole Christman, Rebecca Dickerson, Owen Klipstein, Jamie Molnar, Alessandra Ramirez, Julia Saccamano, Julia Schade, Jheimy Uguna and Aidan Walker.

Southold Fire Department will be a busy place next week. On Wednesday, Feb. 4, they’ll host a blood bank. Saturday, Feb. 7, is Steak Night, with tickets for $30. This is a popular event, so get your tickets in advance. For more information about either event, call the fire department’s non-emergency number, 765-3385.

Peconic Landing is proud to host the ‘Have a Heart Dinner’ to benefit Community Action of Southold Town on Friday, Feb. 6. This lasagna dinner, vegetarian or regular, is being served in two seatings, 5 and 7 p.m. Seating is limited, so call now for reservations at 477-1717. Adult tickets are $20 and children under 12 are $10. This event kicks off the yearlong celebration of CAST’s 50th anniversary!

If you see Verna Fitzpatrick out and about, give her a hug. Her beloved yorkie, Jollie Roger, passed away at the age of 16 on Dec. 27. When Verna was more mobile, she and Jollie Roger could be seen on a beautiful day walking the streets of Southold.

Ever wonder what to do with your time in the winter months here in Southold? Well, besides volunteering — remember my New Year’s challenge — check out the calendar page of this newspaper to see what’s happening each week. Also, check out the library’s and recreation center’s websites and mailings for interesting classes and events. Next weekend could look like this: Friday, the Have a Heart fundraiser. Saturday, go to the firehouse for the 5 p.m. sitting, then head on over to Osprey’s Dominion Vineyard for the LaughNYC fundraiser for North Fork Animal Welfare League at 6:30. Who says there isn’t anything to do in Southold during the winter?

My next deadline will be Feb. 8, no later than noon, please. I hope this finds you all safe and warm. Keep smiling!

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