Featured Letter: Let’s move forward on marriage

To the editor:

In my professional career of over 50 years as a Lutheran pastor, I officiated at over 1,000 marriages in four states and two countries. Many were shared with priests and rabbis and took place in churches, catering halls, beaches, lighthouses, hospitals and private homes. As I met with these couples in pre-marriage counseling, I often wondered what they saw in each other. Some combinations seemed strange, but that was not my concern. I was ready to bless the union of two male friends on the South Fork before same sex marriage became an issue. I would do the same for an official marriage today.

The lame arguments against denying individuals their love choices are archaic. If marriage is for procreation, I should not have married old people. There is no fecundity test for couples and the blood test for STDs is long gone. Our country is founded by immigrants who wanted to get out from under the domination of popes, bishops, kings and other overlords who desired to control their lives. And if any marriage is threatened by same-sex couples, that marriage, in the words of W.C. Fields, is “fraught with peril.”

This form of marriage is not my lifestyle, but we live in a country that professes tolerance even when we disagree. We identify with many faiths and live side by side with collegial discourse and respect. I guess Pope Francis was delving into my thoughts over the years when he said, “Who am I to judge?”

Thirty-seven states are riding the wave of public support (not always graciously) with more certainly to follow.

The Rev. Carl Weaver, Southold