Village Board tackles snow-related issues from recent storms

Some Greenport Village residents’ utility bills are expected to be higher than usual due to recent snowstorms.

And one trustee wants business owners to shovel a path from the sidewalk to the curb through the mounds of snow that accumulates after streets and sidewalks are cleared.

Village administrators said at Tuesday night’s work session that the normal 30-day billing period was delayed for some residents by an extra few days because of the snow and residents who heat their homes using electricity should expect to see a higher bill.

Treasurer Robert Brandt said the weather caused the meter department to get behind on its bills and workers had trouble reading some residents’ meters because they were buried in snow.

He said the meter department has since caught up with utility billing.

Also during the work session, village administrator Paul Pallas praised workers for clearing snow off roads and sidewalks. He noted that members of the sewer and lighting departments, as well as marina workers, all pitched in to help.

In addition, he said the village’s highway department helped out neighboring hamlets. Southold Town police asked for assistance in Orient on Sunday as gusting winds and snow had shut down roads there and the village was able to spare a snowplow, Mr. Pallas said.

Mayor David Nyce also praised the workers’ performance.

“It was nice that we were able to help,” he said.

But while employees have cleared away snow on roads and sidewalks, Trustee Julia Robins said some business owners haven’t been doing their part.

While most businesses have cleaned their portion of the sidewalk, she said there’s no way to get past the mounds of snow between the sidewalks and the street and asked business owners to clear a path to the curb.

“It’s very dangerous walking in the road,” Ms. Robins said, adding she believes the village code committee should look into updating the snow clearing regulations to require businesses to shovel a path.

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