Cops: Trio in car had LSD, marijuana

03/29/2015 9:23 AM |

Three young men were arrested and charged with drug possession after police said that they found LSD and marijuana in their car in Mattituck on Saturday evening.

Southold Police allegedly saw a car on Sigsbee Road violating vehicle and traffic law around 6 p.m. and upon investigation, observed a “strong odor of marijuana could be smelled emanating from the vehicle.”

Police said that further investigation revealed that marijuana was found inside mason jars, and small paper strips wrapped in tin foil contained LSD. Multiple glass smoking pipes were also found, police said.

Police arrested three men with criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful marijuana. Those men were 20-year-old James Macarthur of Southold, 19-year-old Christopher Kennedy of Loretto, Tenn. and Tanner Force, 19, of Murrieta, Calif.