After brutal winter, a hefty price tag to repair roads

(Credit: Joe Werkmeister)
Roadways across the town sustained “substantial” damage this winter, the highway superintendent said. (Credit: Joe Werkmeister)

The Highway Department may need between $300,000 and $400,000 more than originally budgeted to repair “substantial” damage to town roadways this winter. 

The historically cold weather and icy conditions have lead to potholes and frost heave, which causes the pavement to be pushed up by the freezing of water in the soil, Highway Superintendent Vincent Orlando told board members Tuesday.

The town has already allocated $450,000 toward such repairs, however, that amount will not cover all the costs, he said.

He said the final price tag for the fixes would depend on how fast the ground thaws out.

Though most resident are hoping for a fast warm up, Mr. Orlando said slower rising temperatures increases would actually cause less damage to town roads.

“We need a plan in place to finance [the fixes],” he said. “There are some roads out there that just can survive this and will just crumble.”

Supervisor Scott Russell suggested a joint meeting with Mr. Orlando and the town comptroller to come up with ways of funding the road repairs.

Mr. Russell also noted that the state could be providing more money to towns and village for repairs, but the town wouldn’t find out how much until April.

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