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Greenport News: Talent show upcoming in school auditorium

When they converted this column to every other week, I silently went down screaming. But right now, I’m glad, since my last column appeared before the NCAA Championship game. Now I can relive it. Rather than mention the many I know who cheered against them, I’ll send out a big high-five to Duke fans like me, including my son, Jeff (who started us on this wonderful journey), my husband, Jim, Sam Strickland (father and son), Greg Dlhopolsky (a convert this year), Charla Leden Bova and Brian McLaughlin for rooting for the winning team! 

Under the direction of Ruth Yoskovich, Greenport Schools will host a talent show May 1 at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium. It will be held in memory of Greenport Elementary student Bethzy Lopez, who passed away last year at age 8. Tickets are $8 and word has it there will also be food and a raffle. Junior high students Emelyn Azurdia and Lupita Perez have also made T-shirts with Bethzy’s picture that will be on sale. All proceeds will go to Bethzy’s family. Get your tickets in advance at the school or at the door.

Congratulations to Christie Saldana, who married my nephew Seamus O’Connell this past Saturday in Nashville, Tenn. Seamus is the son of Teresa (Dinizio) and Kip O’Connell and the grandson of Marie and Jim Dinizio.

My sincerest sympathies go out to the Herbstritt and Martocchia families. Since my last column, both Maria Herbstritt Martocchia and her husband, Jerry, passed away. I was fortunate to know both of them and call them friends. Their passing leaves a giant gap in the Greenport community and they will be missed.

Celebrating birthdays in the next couple of weeks are Jim’s sister-in-law Chris Gaffga Dinizio, my cousin Joanne Heaney, Richie Hulse III and Barbara Davidson on the 23rd; Dedrick Hutley, Amy Pacholk, Bob Wiltse and Linda Wallace on the 24th; Kevin Comiskey, Megan Kruszeski, Dave Brandi, Pat Kohl, John Macomber III and IV, Estefany Molina and John Foster on the 25th; Denise Karavas, Kristen Welch and Alethia “Trudi” Ford on the 26th; Shannon Land and Gary Lillis on the 27th; Gary Charters, Brandon Padworski, Jim McAllister and Erin Young on the 29th; Claude Kumjian, Josh Horton and Jennifer Costello on the 30th; Christopher Lakowitz Slaght, John Blasko and Camden Wallace on May 1; Jewell Gonzalez, Abaigeal Pacholk and Karen Coyle Atwood on the 2nd; Greg Phinow, Amy Milovich, Colin VanTuyl, Karen McLaughlin, Eileen Lellman Getches and Kayleigh Macchirole on the 3rd; my niece Stephanie Dinizio, Mike Quillin, Dave Kapell, Deborah Bondarchuk and Brianna McElroy on the 4th; my father-in-law, Jim Dinizio, Mike Checklick, Gary Ostroski, Alexa Suess and Sandy Martocchia on the 5th; and Mike Claps, May Burns, Fred Davis, Kim Douglass and Brett Stephenson on the 6th.

Anniversary wishes go out to my nephew Marcus Tooker and his wife, Jaclyn, married four years on April 30, and Suzanne and Curtis Hamilton, celebrating their 50th on May 1.