Spotlight on Orient in new murder mystery novel

Christopher Bollen Orient
Christopher Bollen’s new book “Orient” will be released May 5.

Christopher Bollen can recall the moment he knew that Orient would make the perfect backdrop for a murder mystery novel.

Bollen, an author and magazine editor who lives in New York City, was staying at a friend’s North Fork home in 2011 when he became terrified by the eeriness of a dark, starry night in the country. The still nights in Orient, contrasted with the blaring sirens and late-night revelers in New York City, made him suddenly aware of how alone he was on the remote stretch of land, connected to the rest of the island by only a narrow causeway.

“I knew I was being ridiculous, but it occurred to me as an adult that I had never spent a night alone in the country before,” he said. “That kind of Jekyll-and-Hydeness [of the area] stuck with me.


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