From New Suffolk with love: Hot dogs and hamburgers

Sister Margaret Smyth and a pack of hamburgers she's going to help distribute to families in need. (Credit: Michael White)
Sister Margaret Smyth and a pack of hamburgers she’s going to help distribute to families in need. (Credit: Michael White)

It’s a holiday weekend, and no one should go without a grilled hot dog or hamburger.

That was the thinking behind New Suffolk Waterfront Fund‘s decision to donate 192 hot hamburgers, 126 hot dogs and “enough buns for them all” to the North Fork Spanish Apostolate for local residents in need, said the group’s chairwoman, Patricia McIntyre.

The decision followed the nonprofit Waterfront Fund’s 7th annual Chowderfest event held on its waterfront property in New Suffolk on Saturday.

Even with some 425 people showing up for the big fundraiser, there were leftovers.

“First we thought of Maureen’s Haven [homeless outreach program] but it’s closed in the summer,” said event coordinator Lauren Grant. “Then I remembered Sister Margaret and everything she’s involved with, and I just read the article in your paper.

‘So, we called Sister Margaret and she was more than pleased. She wanted to pick everything up last night.”

(Ms. Grant was referring to news of the group receiving a $25,000 grant award.)

Sister Margaret Smyth showed up Sunday to grab all the food, which also included two boxes of North Fork Potato Chips and some homemade cookies.

“This is all going to our parish outreach, where people come in on a regular basis and leave with food,” she told the group of Waterfront Fund volunteers who were waiting to greet her Sunday. “All people are welcome.”

The food will be stored in freezers at the Spanish Apostolate at 546 St. John’s Place in Riverhead and will be available for pickup at tonight’s  7 p.m. mass at St. John the Evangelist Church.

Anyone stopping by the area at other times should look for the office with the blue door, Sister Margaret said.

NSWF2Six area businesses made chowders, including clam, oyster, fish and crab, for the big event: Braun Seafood Co.,  Southold Fish Market, Karen’s Deli, Wayside Market, Frisky Oyster and Crazy Fork. The donations totaled 60 gallons in all.

Ms. Martin said that in the past, any leftover hamburger meat was frozen and used for a big thank you chile event in September.

“This year we wanted to give those guys who made the chile a break,” Ms. Martin said.

“Now we can pre-arrange this [annual donation] in the future,” said Ms. McIntyre.

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Caption: New Suffolk Waterfront Fund volunteers with Sister Margaret Sunday. (Credit: Michael White)