High-speed ferry to carry passengers from NYC to East End

[Click to enlarge] Pictured is a map of all the weekend ferry and bus trips provided by Sea Jitney. (Credit: Courtesy)
[Click to enlarge] Pictured is a map of all the weekend ferry and bus trips provided by Sea Jitney. (Credit: Courtesy)
Weary travelers tired of sitting in traffic and who can’t afford those fancy helicopter rides will soon have a new way to travel the tri-state area.

The Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry is partnering with Seastreak and Hampton Jitney to offer a new travel system called Sea Jitney, which will ferry passengers from Long Island to Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

The new service is scheduled to begin Friday, the companies announced.

A high-speed passenger ferry, the Seastreak will transport passengers as part of the seasonal weekend service. A ride from Port Jefferson to Manhattan, with a destination of East 35th Street, is estimated to be two hours. Another destination is Highlands, N.J.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Port Jefferson, Hampton Jitney and the Bridgeport–Port Jefferson Ferry to offer service between Manhattan, Port Jefferson and the Hamptons,” Jim Barker, the president of Seastreak, said in a statement. “We are confident customers will enjoy traveling in comfort and style through the beautiful Long Island Sound on our luxurious vessels equipped with high-end amenities like high-backed seating, a full bar and Wi-Fi service.”

From Port Jefferson, the Sea Jitney hub, travelers can take a Hampton Jitney bus to Calverton, Southampton, Sag Harbor and East Hampton. In addition, customers can take the ferry from Port Jefferson to Bridgeport as usual.

The trip is approximately one hour from Port Jefferson to the Hamptons.

“This is an innovative idea that came from three established and respected area transportation companies working together to give people choices,” Geoffrey Lynch, president of Hampton Jitney, said in a statement. “Sea Jitney service will give people a relaxing way to enjoy the East End and Port Jefferson.”

When later asked why the service didn’t reach into the North Fork, Andrew Lynch of Hampton Jitney said there were two reasons.

“One is anecdotal demand evidence from people,” he said. “We get a lot of calls from people in Southwestern Connecticut about getting to Southampton and East Hampton, there’s not as much asking about the North Fork.

“The second point is that we have the Calverton stop. If the demand for the North Fork grows we can add services to that location (Calverton) that leaves for North Fork destinations. The service is so new and we had to get it up for Memorial Day weekend that we just did some spots. But we can add services.”

The service will run weekends from May 22 to Sept. 9, with the exception of July 4. One-way fares range from $33 to $50 depending on the origin and destination. Registration and advance payment are required.

There are three departures from Manhattan and multiple departures from Bridgeport, Conn., on Fridays. There is one departure from Manhattan and one from Bridgeport scheduled for Saturdays. Three returning departures from the East End are scheduled for Sundays.

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