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Oysterponds News: Did you recently travel to Bermuda?

I’ll start with a small world and hope you can fill in the end. Pete Nathanson and his bride, Chris Franke, were going through customs in Bayonne, N.J., last Thursday after a cruise to Bermuda aboard Liberty of the Seas. The immigration man looked at their papers and asked, “Where is this Orient, N.Y.? Other folks from there just passed through here before you.” So the question is: Who else from Oysterponds was among the 5,000-plus passengers? We can’t wait for the answer! 

While I am at it, here’s another small world. I was at a dinner party with Peg Reinhardt Baldwin and her friend Mildred Finnerran. Since Mildred was also from Central Islip, Peg kidded by saying, “Carol doesn’t admit to growing up in Central Islip.” I protested and then asked Mildred where she had lived. “Off Lowell,” she said. “Me too,” I said. She named the street; I said, “Me too.” I said No. 37, she said No. 47. We lived five houses apart for two decades. Amazing!

While I’m at it, East Marioneer Dick Frizzi probably gave me my kindergarten diploma in Central Islip but I was too young to remember. I’ve kept that secret for more than 10 years. Oh well, Dick, it’s out now!

Speaking of kindergarten graduations, all are invited to Oysterponds School today, June 25, for the kindergarten moving-up ceremony at 10 a.m. and the sixth-grade graduation at 7 p.m.

Orient Congregational Church is preparing for its annual church fair on Saturday, July 25. Chairman Joe Papa said they will accept charge cards and are seeking donations for all categories of “wares” to be sold at the event. Call him at 323-2537 for more information or for pickup of your donations.

The East Marion Community Association will host its 8th annual all-you-can-eat ice cream social and membership drive on Saturday, July 11, from 1 to 3 p.m at the East Marion firehouse. This is the only organization dedicated solely to issues facing residents of East Marion. Call [email protected] for additional info.

Orient’s own Jane Llewellyn Smith has recently released a book titled “Through the Passageway: The Education of a Teacher at City and Country School.” Jane, now retired, writes about her 30 years teaching at City and Country School in New York City. Contact Jane at [email protected] or Box 74, Orient, NY 11957.

The Poquatuck Hall Concert Series continues Saturday, July, 18, with a 7:30 p.m. performance by globally renowned percussionist Rick Sacks. Stay tuned for more info.

The ELIH Auxiliary’s Ladies Day on the Links will be held Monday, July 20. Details to follow but if you can’t wait, call Barbara Koch at 477-0975.

Here are my public service announcements: An anonymous village resident has been urging me to promote a new slogan, “20 is plenty,” in hopes folks will make an effort to reduce the speed limit on Village Lane to 20 mph. It’s often dangerous as people fly down the road. Don’t know where to go from here, but there it is. Did you know it’s illegal to park on the wrong side of the street and you could get a ticket? Many people are guilty of this in front of the post office. It’s actually a hazard when the street is busy and views are obstructed. Drive around the block; it only takes a minute. And then there’s the tick thing again: Check yourselves, your children and your pets. They are an epidemic this season.

Leslie Peyser Black, daughter of Mary Van Nostrand, has opened a great eclectic shop in the old Girl Scout building. Stop in and say hi.

School’s out, so watch for kids on bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.

Finally, happy 99 today to Ted Rackett and happy Medicare to me!! See you here July 9. Enjoy summer!