Oysterponds School District

VIDEO: Oysterponds students tell our whaling history

Students from Oysterponds Elementary School have spent the past several months producing a video on the historical significance of the local whaling industry as part of the town’s celebration of its 375th anniversary this year. 

The project, which was organized by Greenport historian Gail Horton, had the students writing, performing, filming and editing a video that explored the importance the whaling industry once had on our local economy. The students presented the video at Tuesday’s Southold Town Board meeting.

Ms. Horton said that while many local residents from various hamlets are preparing a history book to commemorate the anniversary, but a video is something best left to the next generation.

“This is our up and coming and digital group,” she said. “They know more how to do things on iPads than I ever will.”

Ms. Horton credited Town Board member Bob Ghosio with coordinating Tuesday’s presentation.

See more Oysterponds student videos at www.oysterponds.tv.

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