Tall Ships

Greenport Tall Ships Guide: Festival runs through Tuesday

(Credit: Picton Castle)
(Credit: Picton Castle)


A 179-foot, 284-ton ship out of Nova Scotia, the Picton Castle is used for sail training voyages around the world.

In the past decade, the Picton Castle has circled the globe five times among its many travels.

Aboard the ship, which has won the Sail Training of the Year award, workshops are conducted on rope rigging, sail making, boat handling, navigation and practical seamanship. This Picton Castle is also used to carry supplies and educational materials to small islands in the South Pacific.

The completely refitted barque is equipped with an 1893 cook stove and there are berths for over 40 sail trainees and a dozen crew members. Sleeping accommodations are bunkroom style, in two tiers of pilot bunks, complete with curtains for privacy.

Later this year, the Picton Castle is expected to embark on a six-month transatlantic voyage with stops in Spain, Portugal and the West Indies.

It is expected to enter Greenport Harbor about noon on Friday, July 3. It will be available for tours each of the festival’s four days.

The Picton Castle was last docked in Greenport during the village’s Tall Ships Challenge event in 2012.