Watch these high-flying disc dogs delight the crowd in New Suffolk

Ed Jakubowski returned to New Suffolk Tuesday with a full crew of daring, acrobatic dogs who desperately wanted to catch their flying discs.

Five dogs performed disc-catching routines to tunes such as American Author’s “Best Day of My Life” — and, of course, the aptly chosen “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by Baha Men.

Mr. Jakubowski put on similar shows in 2011 and 2013. This time, he and the dogs endured 90-degree heat to entertain a crowd of more than 150 people, most of them children, at the New Suffolk school ballfield.

“The general consensus seemed to be that they all had a good time,” Mr. Jakubowski said.

Some dogs chased down throws of more than 30 yards to grab flying discs out of the air, and other leapt off Mr. Jakubowski’s back to make the catch.

Mr. Jakubowski has been training disc dogs for close to 40 years, and he has won several regional championships for his efforts.

Check out photos of these talented pups below:

(Credit: Chris Lisinski)
Simon — ‘one of the world’s smallest competitive disc dogs,’ according to his trainer Ed Jakubowski — jumps off Mr. Jakubowski’s back for a frisbee.  (Credit: Chris Lisinski)
(Credit: Chris Lisinski)
Mr. Jakubowski tosses a frisbee to Alex the border collie. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)
(Credit: Chris Lisinski)
Stella the border collie greets fans after the show. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)
(Credit: Chris Lisinski)
Simon leaps for a frisbee at the DiscDogs event Tuesday afternoon. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)
(Credit: Chris Lisinski)
The crowd of more than 150 people cheer as one of the dogs makes a catch. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)
(Credit: Chris Lisinski)
Vixen the Australian shepard mix shares a hug with Mr. Jakubowski. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)