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Greenport News: Concussion testing mandatory for fall athletes

The East End Seaport Museum’s lecture series continues today, Aug. 13, when U.S. Coast Guard Flotilla Commander Ted Webb will take us “Inside the Coffee Pot,” also known as the Orient Point Lighthouse — one of the most photographed and importantly situated lighthouses in the area. On Aug. 27, Cara Sucher will give a PowerPoint presentation on “Antarctica: At the Bottom of the Earth.” For 16 years, Cara has been manager of science and technology labs at various stations in the most untouched regions on the planet. Greenporters Arlene and Artie Klein are Cara’s proud aunt and uncle. Lectures are at 7 p.m. and include refreshments and a Q&A session.

Attention, GHS fall athletes: Computerized concussion testing is mandatory for those entering seventh, ninth or 11th grade — even if you’ve taken the test before. It’s also mandatory for anyone playing a sport for the first time. Tests will be given in the second floor computer lab, room 217, on Aug. 17, 19 and 24 from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

Another note for any athletes who did not turn in a contract before the last school year ended. Provided you have a current physical, Mrs. Mazzaferro, the school nurse, will be in her office Mondays, Aug. 17 and 24, to sign off on contracts. Please note: She will not be at any evening practices, so if you need your contract signed, show up at 7 a.m. on either of those dates.

Kristy Harris, daughter of June and Pete, received many beautiful gifts Aug. 2 as the guest of honor at a bridal shower at Cowfish restaurant in Hampton Bays, hosted by her bridal attendants. Kristy will marry Kameron Kaiser Oct. 2.

The Bondarchuk family held its annual family reunion Aug. 8 at Fifth Street Park with 59 relatives in attendance. The eldest among them was Catherine Bondarchuk and the youngest, at 17 months, was Bentley Bondarchuk. Everyone enjoyed a beautiful day catching up on events of the last year and birthdays were celebrated for Catherine, Alex and Jason.

The Heaney family held its 59th annual reunion Aug. 9 at the home of Patty and John Hocker. Nearly 90 people attended! We are blessed to still have with us the older generation of Bernie, Maria, Jack, Helen and Vicky Heaney. The newest family additions this year were youngest member Elisa Pollina, daughter of Jessica and granddaughter of Kevin; Ford Heaney, son of Tim, grandson of the late Kerry and great-grandson of Bernie; and Diane Heaney, who married my brother Bobby in March.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Joann Tamin, Karen Rich and Billy Price on the 13th; my cousin Donna Lessard Zaweski on the 14th; Kelly Sawicki, Tim McElroy and Charla Leden Bova on the 15th; Chris Dinizio on the 16th; Stephanie Jensen and good friend Mark Lieb on the 17th; Cheryl Rock, Lynsay Kohler, Simone Droege and Melissa Bondarchuk on the 18th; Kenny Skurnick, Joan Jacobs and Christopher Manwaring on the 19th; Danielle Walker, Karen Bondarchuk and Patti DeJesus on the 20th; Lindsay Grathwohl, Alison Raynor, Delia Kiski, my cousin Jack Cutts, Erick Monique and Clarisse Armstrong on the 21st; Daniel Hughes, another cousin, Billy Bondarchuk, along with Mike Pekunka and Mayor George Hubbard on the 22nd; Jackson Marienfeld, Danielle Meraz, Aimee Horsburgh and Bev Barry on the 23rd; Jessica Dlhopolsky, Eileen Verity, Dot Moore and Gordon Haas on the 24th; Cindy Cusati, Ronnie Grilli and Shyanna Jimenez on the 25th; and Shirley Sieverman, my cousin Patty Blados Stewart and Keysha Terry on the 26th.

Happy anniversary to Judy and Charley Kozora, celebrating their 39th Aug. 15; Betty and George Capon, married 62 years on the 16th; Amy and Frank Wippert, marking 23 years together on the 20th; my aunt and uncle Helen and Jack Heaney, whose 62nd is the 22nd; my cousin Theresa Bubb and her husband, Jeff, celebrating 26 years of marriage, also on Aug. 22; and Pat and Tom Crowley, whose 46th anniversary is Aug. 24.

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