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Route 48 closed near Depot Lane as part of limo crash investigation


Southold Town police have closed Route 48 between Alvahs Lane and Cox Lane Thursday morning in Cutchogue as part of a follow-up investigation into the fatal limousine accident July 18. 

Police Chief Martin Flatley confirmed the closure was related to the investigation. The cross-streets were also closed off to traffic, which started around 9 a.m.

Investigators had a limousine and white pick-up truck positioned at the scene of the accident on Depot Lane replicating the two vehicles involved in the crash. A third vehicle was positioned as if making a left-hand turn from Route 48 onto Depot Lane.

The road reopened shortly after noon.

Four women died in the crash and two lawsuits have since been filed against Southold Town.

(Photo credit: Investigators at the Depot Lane intersection with Route 48 Thursday morning. (Credit: Joe Werkmeister)