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Photos: Back to school in Southold with new cafeteria, entryway


With a new school year comes new infrastructure, such as a cafeteria and entryway, in the Southold Union Free School District.

The secondary school’s cafeteria recently received an upgrade to the serving line and kitchen, Superintendent David Gamberg said. The cafeteria, which he said was last renovated about 50 years ago, will “have a much better flow” and offer students an improved experience.

“It positions us, with this new layout and new equipment, to focus on enhancing what we can provide kids and faculty,” he said.

The district has renovated the secondary school entryway for added security. The principal’s offices were relocated to the front of the building as part of the redesign, Mr. Gamberg said.

The redesign is modeled on the entryway that was used in the 1940s, which is located on the side of the school by the cement steps.

A black and white checkered floor greets visitors in the new entryway.

“It has a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere,” Mr. Gamberg said.

The school's new cafeteria.
The school’s new cafeteria.
Serving line and kitchen.
The school's new entryway.
The school’s new entryway.
The main office has been relocated for added security.
Offices and classroom space were relocated for added security.

At the elementary school, the Magical Playscape Amphitheater, which was unveiled in May and donated by Peter Castillo (Class of 2002), will be in use for its first full school year. The amphitheater will be used for recess, classroom activities and meetings, said elementary school principal Eileen O’Neill.

A new greenhouse at the high school, which is still being assembled, will allow students to take a new elective class called agricultural environmental literacy, Mr. Gamberg said.

“What it will do is it will take our garden program … so middle and high school students can continue what they learned in elementary school with agriculture,” he said.

A new pupil personnel services director, Lisa Scheffer, has been hired. She’ll work with the special education and English as a second language departments, among others.

The ESL program is being reformatted this year to accommodate statewide changes. Another ESL teacher, Leah Bufkins, was hired to help adapt to those changes.

In addition, the district will expand on a concept developed last year that allows for increased collaboration and exchange between Southold and Greenport.

Greenport High School students will have the opportunity to take business and television production courses at Southold and Greenport will offer a college-level chemistry class that Southold students can attend.

“We’re looking forward to the school year,” Mr. Gamberg said. “There’s so many good things happening, not just new but preexisting things.”

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