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Greenport News: Clippers’ alumni field hockey game Oct. 3

Where the heck did September go? It seems like just yesterday that I was saying goodbye to August.

If you’re reading this on Thursday and you’ve got errands to do for the weekend, put the paper down and go do them now. Maritime weekend is upon us and you all know what kind of craziness that brings.

In Cupid’s circle, Sept. 19 must be a very special day. In recent memory I can’t recall four couples I know getting married on the same day. In New York, Brooke Qualey became Mrs. Bill Kart. In Maryland, Meg Zlockie said “I do” to Bob Copas. Farther down the road, in Virginia, Mary Allia Turner was the bride of Jesse Rose, and, last but not least, Dylan Drobet, daughter of Carolyn Burke, married Barrett Gamez.  I wish all four couples a lifetime of happiness together.

Attention former GHS field hockey players: The Clippers’ alumni field hockey game is slated for Saturday, Oct. 3, at 10 a.m. Players are always needed and if you can’t participate, at least come out and support them. Anyone interested in playing should contact Heidi Bailey on Facebook.

With new principals come new ideas. This morning, Sept. 24, Greenport secondary principal Gary Kalish will hold a roundtable in the high school library. The monthly gatherings are designed to give parents an opportunity to speak informally with administrators. Topics may include, but are not limited to, AP courses, field trips, assessments, co-curricular activities and more. Please join in and bring your thoughts and ideas!

St. Agnes Faith Formation Classes resume the week of Sept. 28 and children must be re-registered by that date. Levels 1-5 meet Tuesday afternoons, 3-4:15 p.m., and levels 6-8 meet Wednesday evenings, 6:45-8 p.m. Registration forms are available on the parish website and in the front foyer at the church. Children who are not registered will not be allowed to walk from Greenport School Tuesday afternoons.

Belated birthday wishes go out to Susan DeDuck, who celebrated her special day Sept. 10.

Who’s got a birthday coming up? We’ve got Ian Ryan, Any Israel, Keith Baker, Donna Angevine and Dr. Mel Kaplan on Sept. 24; two of my cousins, Patty Hocker and Gayle Wilburn Bealer, on the 25th; another cousin, Gwen Cutts, as well as Michael Santiago, Donna Harrison, Frank Zahra and Jerry Difley on the 26th; Jordan Marshall, Anthony Chance, Barbara Klos and Dr. Micah Kaplan on the 27th; Luke Doroski, Gregory Jensen, Matthew Blasko, Greg Barkley, Chris Manfredi Jr., Jim Harrison and Bob White Jr. on the 28th; Damon Rallis and William Berg on the 29th; Joann Caravello-Modica on the 30th; Lisa Kreiling and Scott Ferguson on Oct. 1; Madison Harrison and Joe Miller on the 2nd; Kristy Hansen, Charlie Mosher, Bumpy Grilli, Sue Rogers, Mike Goldsmith, Joanie Kart, Kathy Hubbard, Jade Creighton, Denise Tjornhom and Teresa Bushey on the 3rd; Elizabeth Morrison, another cousin, Paula Reeve, and Julie Terry Cartner on the 4th; yet another cousin, Cassady Heaney, as well as Ryan Rempe, Chrissy McElroy and Jessica Henderson on the 5th; a wonderful woman and amazing friend, June Harris, Dick Hulse, Angela Jacobi, Mike Connolly and Dawn Angevine on the 6th; and Mary Thornhill, Robbie Staron, Megan Philips and Jackson Baker on the 7th.

Celebrating anniversaries in the near future are Eileen and Gary Charters, married 32 years on the 24th; Aileen and Mike Reed, who celebrate 24 years together, also on the 24th; Crissy and Brian Pruitt, marking their 12th year of marriage on the 27th; Chris and Paul Dinizio, who tied the knot 37 years ago Oct. 1; Margaret and John Lellman, married 28 years on the 3rd; Kathy and Bob Wallace, celebrating their 41st year together on the 4th; and Cherie and Dick Hulse, whose 53rd anniversary is Oct. 6.

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