Traffic light at Route 48-Depot Lane intersection nearing completion


A new traffic light at the intersection of Route 48 and Depot Lane in Cutchogue is nearing completion.

The intersection, which previously had only a yellow blinking light, will now feature standard traffic lights that were installed Monday. A sign hangs next to the light closest to the U-turn on Route 48 that reads “left turn yield on green.”

A spokesman for Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said the work on the lights would be completed in early October.

Currently, the lights facing Depot Lane in both directions sport red blinking lights. The lights facing Route 48 in both directions are flashing yellow lights.

In July, four women were killed in a limousine crash at the intersection. Four other female passengers in the limo were injured as well in addition to the limo driver and the driver of the pick-up truck that slammed into the limo. Multiple lawsuits have since been filed against the town and county.

Following the accident, Legislator Al Krupski announced that a light would be installed at the intersection, a plan that was in place before the accident.

He told The Suffolk Times after the accident that he had reached out to the Department of Public Works in May to see about adding a traffic light after safety concerns were raised about the intersection. At the time the county had already completed studies that determined a light was necessary, he said.

In July, workers from Johnson Controls began building the foundation for the new traffic lights. PSEG-LI then had to raise the wires before the new lights could be installed.

Mr. Krupski also said at the time that the light would be finished by late fall.

Photo Caption: The new traffic lights at the Route 48 and Depot Lane intersection on Monday morning. (Credit: Nicole Smith)

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