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Greenport authorizes legal action against power plant company

The Greenport Village Board voted unanimously Thursday to authorize legal action regarding the engineering and design of its ongoing Moore’s Lane power plant upgrade. 

Mayor George Hubbard Jr. said last week that the lawsuit would be brought against Genesys Engineering, the company that designed the upgrade, and that it would be over “design flaws in the engineering of the power plant.” These flaws, which officials say were identified in a report done by a St. James company called A&F Electrical Testing, prevent the village from switching from one transformer to the other without having to shut down the power in the entire village first, Mr. Hubbard said.

The project, estimated to cost about $5.8 million, is being done in two phases.

Village officials clarified the language authorizing the lawsuit to remove references to the two different phases of the project to avoid confusion.

Trustee Doug Roberts asked for specifics as to “what action are we voting on tonight?”

Village Attorney Joe Prokop said the resolution is “authorization to start the work necessary for litigation.”

He said the village has asked Genesys to respond to the issues raised in A&F study and the company has not.

Officials from Genesys were not at the meeting and could not immediately be reached for comment.

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