State launches online survey to gain feedback on Common Core

Two years ago, the state’s education commissioner went around the state and was met with thousands of parents upset over the controversial Common Core curriculum.

Last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, after years of supporting Common Core, announced he believes the standards are “not working.”

Now, the public can formally give their feedback to the state.

An online survey is currently available to comment on the state’s controversial Common Core standards.

The state education department, which has been heavily criticized by school officials across New York for pushing the new mandates before districts were ready for them, launched the survey Wednesday on its website to give the public an opportunity to provide feedback on the standards.

The survey results will also be provided to the governor’s Common Core Task Force.

“I firmly support high learning standards for all students, but I realize that our current set of standards isn’t perfect,” state education commissioner MaryEllen Elia said in a press release. “Together we can make them stronger. This is a chance for anyone interested in our students’ education, especially those who are closest to our schools, to give real, substantive feedback on the standards.”

The state education department’s review process of the standards, which is called “AIMHigh NY,” includes meeting with a group of stakeholders — including teachers, administrators and parents — to review the survey’s results and submit recommendations to the Board of Regents.

“We’re calling our effort AIMHighNY because our aim is for a high rate of survey participation and high standards for all New York’s students,” Ms. Elia said.

To participate, visit The deadline is Nov. 30.

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