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Time capsule buried in Southold for town’s 400th anniversary in 2040


As part of Southold Town’s 375th anniversary celebration this year, a time capsule was buried Wednesday in Silversmith’s Corner and will be opened in 25 years for the town’s 400th anniversary festivities in 2040.

Members of the town’s 375th anniversary committee organized the event and added several items into the time capsule, including: a 375th anniversary cup, student projects, local maps and a small bottle of water from the bay.

“Any past history preserved, of course, is important,” said 375th anniversary committee chairperson Herb Adler. “When we do something, we fail to think of what’s going to happen in 25, 50 years. So I just think it shows a little bit about how people lived and that’s what we were trying to do.”

Mr. Adler explained that the idea stemmed from a suggestion made during an anniversary committee meeting earlier this year.

Supervisor Scott Russell read a proclamation prior to the tarp being removed from where the time capsule buried.

The proclamation greeted the people of 2040, thanked the volunteers that made the time capsule possible and stressed the importance of preserving the town’s history.

“The heritage of Southold Town is it’s most attractive feature,” Mr. Russell after the unveiling. “While we take artifacts from our current life to place them underground for preservation, our task over the next 25 years is to focus on protecting what’s above ground: beaches, open space and historic structures.”

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Photo: The town’s 375th anniversary committee buried a time capsule Wednesday, which is to be opened in 2040. (Credit: Nicole Smith).