Featured letter: Thank you to accused PA, boos to insurance shutdown

I was disturbed to read two health-related articles in the News-Review last week: one involving the charges against and the other concerning the state’s shutdown of Health Republic, an insurance company.

I, like many other businesspeople, am a victim of the state’s closure of Health Republic, which offered reasonable, responsive and low-cost insurance to New Yorkers. Underfunded by the state and federal government, it could no longer operate in New York, particularly downstate, where the cost of medical services is prohibitive.

I have already been dumped by a gastroenterologist practice in Riverhead because not only do they not want to do business with Health Republic customers in its last two weeks of existence, they have told me they do not accept its successor, Oscar. This is why I often advise young people to find work with governmental agencies; you will be taken care of, believe me.

I was very saddened to learn of the charges against Michael Troyan, who two years ago late one Friday afternoon, when my doctor in Southold had left for the day, saw me in his Riverhead office, following the disclosure of blood clots in my leg, and embarked on a course of action that I believe saved my life or, at the very least, reduced the risk of stroke.

Walking out of Eastern Long Island Hospital against medical advice, when it became clear that the ultrasound technician could not locate a doctor to evaluate the clots, I came home to find a message on my phone from his office. That afternoon and during the next week I was treated by him, the doctor and nurse on staff and others, I found everything about his practice totally commendable. It was also clear to me that he was serving an economically disadvantaged demographic.

Despite his alleged transgression, my thanks go to him. No thanks to the state for its closure of Health Republic and other things that its various agencies do to make operating a business problematic, to say the least.

Mr. Katz is a resident of Southold.