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Featured Letter: Traffic light change is no change at all

Earlier this year a horrific accident occurred at the intersection of Route 48 and Depot Lane in Cutchogue. That accident killed four young ladies and has ruined the lives of numerous others that were involved.

Everyone will recall that day, when a limousine driver made a left turn at that intersection and was hit by an oncoming car.

During the months since, Suffolk County has “rushed” to install a traffic light at that fateful intersection. However, what the county installed was simply lights that control the traffic flow east/west and north/south. Without the installation of a separate designated left-turn signal (similar to the one at the very next intersection of Cox Lane and Route 48), the dangerous traffic situation that we all want to avoid still exists.

In fact, the county hung a sign from the cables right next to the leftmost hanging light saying: “Left turn yield to oncoming traffic when green.” That suggests that the current traffic law at the intersection is no different than it was when the accident took place.

I believe the county should correct their error in judgment and make the lights at Depot Lane just like the lights at Cox Lane. If the county thinks there is not enough traffic to warrant it, let them ask the parents of the four young ladies who died that day.

The author lives in Greenport.