Dorothy Yoerges

Dorothy Yoerges
Dorothy Yoerges

Sewing, dancing, drinking wine and reveling on the weekends at the Anchor Inn, running Mattituck Sale Days from her perch at “By the Yard” on Love Lane, voicing firmly held opinions, embracing the world with love, laughter, pride, and faithfulness to her principles and own inner compass.

Loving her husband Fred, her four kids; Karenann, Roger, Jennifer, and Chris, and their many kids and kids of those kids.

Becoming part of the fabric (pun intended) of the North Fork notwithstanding her status as an “outsider” from “up the Island.” That was Dorothy Yoerges.

That was the woman who was “mom” to so many during her years in Mattituck on Deer Drive. She was one of a kind during her long, fulfilling life, just as she was one of a kind when she passed away on Dec. 26 in Lady Lake, Florida, where she lived for the past 18 years with Fred.

Dorothy lived a life worth living. She will be missed by her husband, her kids, her eight grandkids, her seven great-grandkids, and her many friends that she made during her long, adventurous life.

Memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, which works on a global, national and local level.

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