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Featured Letter: Stop giving our kids the runaround on bus shelters


To everyone in Southold: I am a very upset person who has lived here for many years — first as a weekender and now I live here year round. I have always loved Southold. It’s beautiful and the people are great.

However, I am upset because the winter is coming and do we have any bus shelters for the people who have no transportation? No, we do not. The youth group called Project Bus Stop has been working to get the town, county and state to fix this situation.

Has any progress been made? No! The kids have gotten the runaround. Last year in the cold winter the kids were standing outside by CVS holding placards getting people to understand that it is unconscionable to be so unconcerned about less-fortunate people who must use mass transportation.

What do you think this is teaching our youth? Government does not care? Government is not listening because they are young? This is not what we want to teach our youth.

I have just found out that Southampton has gotten 10 shelters. How about that?

The author is a Southold resident.

Photo caption: Ethan Sisson, a junior at Southold High School, demonstrates with other students from Project Bus Stop in January. One proposed bus shelter would be built at the intersection where the students demonstrated. (Credit: Paul Squire)