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Featured letters: Shout-outs to the NJROTC

2015 NJROTC cadets

“Another salute”

I read with thrill the drill of Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps published in The Suffolk Times on Dec. 17 and the impressive pictures of cadets as well as the editorial headlined “A salute to our NJROTC” highlighting all the praiseworthy accomplishments.

The NJROTC deserves a standing ovation on its splendid and checkered history.

Lion’s shares of credit goes to Maj. William Grigonis and his officers. NJROTC is serving as a training deck for youngsters, giving them a chance to tap their skills and hidden talents and opportunity to interact socially outside of school boundaries.

I would like to flash the signals of bravo to Cadet Joseph Saporita on receiving the Meritorious Achievement Award — the highest award of NJROTC — for his daring action to save lives from the burning bus.

Keep adding the laurels!

— Muneer Haleem, Greenport

“A price for her commitment”

Congratulations to cadet Skyler Grathwohl, who is the latest member of the storied NJROTC battalion to receive a scholarship (NROTC-Marine option).

Like so many other cadets, her commitment to public service, academics and fitness has been rewarded. The author of the article did a terrific job summing up the achievements of Major Grigonis and the success his leadership has brought to the students who participate (“Another free ride through NJROTC,” Dec. 17).

Each year there are many cadets who never apply for an ROTC scholarship yet thrive under the unit’s leadership and are changed for the better. The title, however, of the article is misleading. While ROTC scholarships and service academy appointments allow a student to pursue a college education without paying tuition and fees, they are not free. Recipients agree to enter the military as active duty and/or reservist for a minimum of eight years. For that willingness, we can all say thank you to Ms. Grathwohl and the other 85 recipients since the program’s inception.

— Dr. James Hinsch, Laurel

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